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Entry #2

New Things Added to Gunner Man Video Game

2011-10-10 00:42:19 by StoffInc

Today was a good day for the creation of the Video game Gunner Man. The 1st World for the game (The Factory World) will be released for the public to test and point out bugs for the game. The first world for the game should be released at the end of the week, give or take a few days. today for creation testing for the game, we have implemented ropes, crouching, turrets, spikes, portals, and gems. Tomorrow we will be putting in the flame thrower and the first world boss, the music for the factory level was created by PezMobile with his dubstep loop called Welcome to the Industry.
make sure to check out his page and download his album. More updates about the game will be coming soon.


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